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Welcome to Ibix Insight.

Ibix Insight has training, consultancy and research dimensions. We work with a range of specialist associates to deliver timely and bespoke solutions for your organisation's needs. We are particularly adept in handling complex and compelling environments of change and opportunity.

We have expertise in the following areas:
  • gender, diversity and inclusion
  • integrative complexity
  • unlocking stuck organisations
  • gender audits, women on boards
  • executive coaching and mentoring
  • leadership training
  • inter-cultural translation/going global
  • whole system interventions
  • stake holder engagement
  • fund development
  • business modelling
  • advocacy, branding and deploying social media
  • diasporas and the challenges of social integration
  • hawala banking and money laundering implications
  • human rights legislation
  • public policy and CSR

Ibix is dedicated to helping our clients maximise their business performance through our range of key experts in transformational consultancy - get in touch to discuss your needs.

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