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Dr Carrie Pemberton FordDr Carrie Pemberton Ford's Experience

  • Co-designing new gender and diversity auditing tools for the Australian Mining Industry

  • Coaching, mentoring and establishing a new on line forum for coaches and mentoring – IFPC.biz

  • Enabling senior leaders to improve their capability in organisational development, stakeholder mapping, fund acquisition, prospect qualifying and future focussed ideation for service development

  • Designing and tutoring empowerment sessions for women risers in organisations

  • Conducting independent organisational structure reviews focussing on the development of diversity and the cultural challenges impeding inclusion

  • Training people in leadership, project management, benchmarking, rapid review, surveying, focus group management, dip sampling, inspiration, mindfulness, and business modelling.

  • Designing and facilitating strategic workshops for executive teams, partnerships and boards

  • Working with ‘stuck’ organisations to free up collaboration and energy for new projects and outreach programmes.

  • Developing on line networks of researchers and enabling the co-ordination and efficient report production from distributed academics and practitioners.




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