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Dr Carrie Pemberton FordDr Carrie Pemberton Ford's Key Skills

  • Project initiation, motivation, information collation and rapid desk review

  • Future Search design and facilitation of large group engagement, with ‘ownership’ of change processes attained

  • Creating a safe and confidential environment for one to one coaching and team transformation

  • Training and Workshop facilitation

  • Generating fresh ideas, and enabling productive brain storming, mind mapping, obstacle identification and solution focussed collaborative thinking

  • Enhancing ‘open’ communication skills to enable improved productivity and effective team working

  • Building trust and the capacity for overcoming negativity, scenario reframing and conflict transformation

  • Establishing a motivating environment to develop commitment and enable passionate engagement to task

  • Enabling individuals to engage with their own energetic centres

  • Inclusive training style, attentive to the full diversity present ‘in the room’ and outside it

  • Assessment of viability of innovative solutions through Business model analysis

  • Stakeholder engagement, customer surveying, board level presentations and action plan generation





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