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Clients incluse: Immigration and Nationalities Directorate,The Home Office, Cambridgeshire Constabulary, University of Cambridge; Institute of Continuing Education, Norfolk Constabulary, Wolfson College, University of Cambridge, The Serious Fraud Office, The Cambridge Federation of Theological Colleges

Julie Spence OBE QPM DL"Carrie’s work leading the Ibix team which undertook a year long’s study into Peterborough’s diversediasporic communities, was the start of a number of interventions to respond to the previously ‘hidden’ issues of the migrant populations working and making home in the Peterborough command area. Not only did IbixInsight research and produce ten detailed and ground-breaking reports on Peterborough’s diversity challenges, Carrie’s presentations at Senior Command and Local Strategic Partnership boards enabled clarity and knowledge sharing to happen rapidly across a number of key stakeholders.

Furthermore with fresh research to hand I was able to use evidence based arguments to inform and negotiate resources from central government to address the neighbourhood and community focussed policing requirements which IbixInsight’s work had identified. The reports and consultations led by Carrie enabled a more reslilent joined up approach to addressing gender based violence, hate crimes, forced labour and human trafficking risks and cultural and faith awareness issues.

Intelligent, astute, and persistent with a genuine empathy for the needs of individuals at risk, and an understanding of how to build co-operation across government and third sector stakeholders to enable the delivery of improved services, Carrie and her bespoke team can deliver lasting insight and help the journey through to some practical answers, when as a leader you are confronted with challenging organisational questions."
Julie Spence OBE QPM DL,
Former Chief Constable of Cambridgeshire

"Carrie Pemberton Ford is a special and gifted woman who rapidly imbibes the ethos and purpose of an organisation, and proceeds to inhabit that empathetically. From a place of understanding and listening, she thinks in eminently practical ways, asking: “what do you need to make your work happen?” at personal and organisational levels. Carrie establishes with consummate ease, a safe environment to explore issues of inter-cultural sensitivity through empathetic, active listening. Through this tried and tested process, areas of misunderstanding or silencing are addressed. This builds a team’s resilience against self-sabotaging and raises everyone’s capacity to undertake challenging but achievable tasks. I heartily recommend her and her team."
Dr Sara Savage ICThinking©,
Conflict Transformation and organisational value setting,
Director of Research
University of Cambridge

"Carrie is a breath of fresh air. She has a phenomenal emotional and intellectual intelligence which she uses to quickly assess a situation and express her thoughts powerfully with eloquence and disarming charm. She has a great sense of humour and is a fantastic person to have to build your team."
Richard Naish
Head of Learning Design
Assessment and Psychometric Design
QI Concepts

"Carrie has an impressive background in building partnerships between disparate organisations, and encouraging different groupings to work together. This is all underscored with an irrepressible sense of what is possible, which is thoroughly infectious, and initiates the change process. Once met, you are energised and excited, I look forward to other opportunities to work with her in a productive manner, again in the future."
Revd Roberta Rominger
UK Moderator for the United Reformed Church


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