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The team which has been developed over the last decade, is one which combines a range of high performance skills, designed to encourage the best possible performance of your team. Whether working one to one in coaching development of senior managers, or in team settings expanding your business’s capacity to reach into new opportunities in the rich context of post recession globalised, always on, blogging and social media responsive market square.

International Consultancy

expert_facilitationConsultancy to develop:

  • Stakeholder mapping and buy in
  • Change management analysis
  • Bespoke evaluation of projects and initiatives
  • Strategic analysis
  • Developing women's leadership
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Future search
  • CSR and UN frameworks
  • Corporate ethical frameworks and governance
  • Counter trafficking and 'slave free' goods

Women on board

  • transforming_work_cultureWhy Women? The business case
  • Role models, mirroring and building success
  • Strategic coaching interventions
  • Deploying women’s networks
    Developing a woman-friendly organisation
  • Harnessing confidence
  • Boardroom anxieties
  • Addressing gaps in your work pipe line
  • Beyond the Ironing board -WLB
  • Exploring C level sponsorship


Innovative research to increase understanding of complex communitiesAny change for an organisation requires a solid evidence base to ensure that resources are being deployed in the most efficient manner. Many of the areas in which we have a long track record are of particular interest to Corporate Social Responsibility sectors in Business, NGOs and Government departments.

Ibixinsight has undertaken research in the following areas:

  • Generating social change
  • Violence against Women
  • FGM and Forced Marriage
  • Trafficking risks and victim protection
  • Organised Crime and International Criminal law
  • Human Rights implementation in Local jurisdictions
  • Immigration, diasporas, migrant labour
  • Victim and witness protection
  • International Criminal Courts
  • Conflict Free Minerals and resources
  • Community Integration and Local Safety Partnerships

Executive Coaching

  • Carrie Pemberton FordDeveloping potential leaders to the next step of excellence
  • One to one
  • Face to face
  • On-line and webinars
  • Developing in-house programmes
  • Coaching circles
  • Supervision for your coaches
  • Public Speaking and Presentation workshops


Workshops2Training in the corporate and public sector in:

  • Inclusion and diversity – the new business case
  • Not implementing nine protected strands
  • Building culturally competent organisations
  • Implementing diversity, in its nine protected strands
  • Gender mainstreaming
  • Unleashing your team’s intelligence
  • Innovation and Creativity
  • Team building
  • Risk management analysis and strategic responses
  • Localisation and Cultural translatability
  • Appreciative inquiry and Future Search
  • Getting to win-win

Third Sector development

  • third_sector Recruiting your Trustee base
  • Essentials in Trustee Training
  • Developing your Case for Support
  • Fund Development
  • Major Prospect Identification
  • Managing major donors and trust reporting
  • Volunteer recruitment and development
  • Social Media engagement
  • Charity formation

Faith Communities

  • Faith communitiesFaith Communities and Public Policy
  • Interfaith issues and cultural translation
  • Conflict Transformation
  • Global challenge and local dexterity
  • Integrative Complexity
  • Mapping religious diversity
  • Developing capacity in social enterprise and development of public goods
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