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Welcome!  If you are here, you may be locked into an energy draining conflict with somebody. It maybe you have a dispute brewing with a neighbour or landlord, a business dispute, a partner or spouse, or an employer. Alternative Dispute Resolution can offer you a way of expeditiously and creatively dealing with the challenges which you may be facing.

IbixInsight founder Carrie Pemberton Ford, has over a decade’s experience working with tough, seemingly intractable situations deploying the skills of a trained mediator, coach, and inter-cultural specialist. She has supported numerous ‘presenting adversaries’ into generatively thinking their way together into a place of commonly beneficial solutions, saving a great deal of financial costs, needless psychological pain, and wasted time contending the presenting challenges through the expense of the courtroom, in the process.   

For a free consultation to find out how mediation services provided by Carrie and her team can help you resolve a dispute without the costly and time-consuming process of going through the Courts, complete the form below or feel free to call our offices for a free orientation into the process.

With the range of talent and experience built across the team, we have a number of additional services which we run out through Ibixinsight – and invite you to explore whether any of these services suit your requirements.

Our Mediation services are provided by our Director, Dr Carrie Pemberton Ford, who has seven years professional training in this environment.  Dr Pemberton Ford has worked in senior board level brokerage in UNITAR, the Women’s National Commission (UK), NATO in the febrile environment of high-level panels in the Balkans, as well as in more mundane environments of everyday conflict resolution in neighbourhood disputes, and intrafamilial challenges. Find out more.

Expert Witness: we have three of our team who can bring Expert Witness expertise in their area of professional competence to solicitors looking for assistance to courts or tribunals, with the provision of independent, timely and well researched analysis and opinion on presenting issue, based on the information provided through instruction. Our expert evidence is detailed, independently generated, and each of our experts are those whose credentials are court and judge ready. Find out more

Speakers: Carrie Pemberton Ford, Mary Honeyball MEP retd, and Esohe Aghatise LLM are available for speaking events at Livery, Business Conferences, IGO, and Educational events, in the areas of their expertise. (find out more)

General Consultancy:  be in touch for a conversation with our experts on any of the following areas:
Research, Rapid Reviews and Baselining
Assessment, Audits and Evaluations
Training and Curriculum development
Public Speaking development
Coaching and Supervision and challenges:
Cultural mediation/translation
the UK, Europe and the EU post-Brexit
Covid 19 and developing hybridity
Entrepreneurship and Organisational Development
Inclusion and Diversity
Gender Impact
Immigration and Asylum
The SDG agenda / chapter 17. 

Civic Leadership Inspiration

Civic leaders are everyone who performs a public function based on representation and relevance, this includes the roles of business owner, civil servant, community activist, campaigner, media channel influencer and owners and more.

Civic leaders are to be defined by the challenges they face in naming, participating in and holding to account public decision making.  Their success is measured by the progress they make towards achieving a resolution.  As Kenneth Allred so helpfully described the task: civic leaders are the ‘little rudders’ that eventually turn the big ship of society’ for better or for worse. (Kenneth Allred, Harvard University)


John Paul Lederach’s work ‘The Moral Imagination’ is clear that there is an urgent requirement for Civil Society to continue to develop space to build a vision for a society where competing visions of what community life in a shared political reality might look like. This is vital in peri and post Covid 19 times, where the stakes for building better, more sustainably, with energy and intention, are higher than they have been for generations.

In the work on mediation and landscape building for shared futures, we work with models drawn from Open Table, World Café, and Appreciative Inquiry to  create a safe and protected space to discuss our visions, describe our reality and challenge each other  as civic leaders to imagine pathways between both, individually and collectively. Be in touch for a consultation on how the IbixInsight Mediation facilitators might be able to assist your peace-making, space building, bridge securing work as a civic leader today. 

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