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Dr Carrie Pemberton Ford can be commissioned for Expert Witness Reports, for the UK and for international courts when relevant.  With a rapid turn-round when required, IbixInsight undertakes a substantial volume of LAA funded cases each year with Criminal, Asylum, Family Court and Child Protection cases (particularly FGM related concerns) constituting the largest percentage of cases reported for.

Dr Ford convenes an annual symposium on Human Trafficking through the Think Tank CCARHT, where some of her numerous publications (articles, speeches, book sections) can be accessed. Particularly concerned with the victimology generated within the Human Trafficking domain, Dr Ford has been a leading social entrepreneurial applied academic, working in this field for the last 20 years.

IbixInsight will usually undertake for the development of an electronically delivered report, an on line interview with your client, which will establish the context for a culturally informed and grounded report, expanding the field of vision for sighting  Judge, Jury and Barristers involved in the court procedures of Asylum, Protection and Prosecution.

IbixInsight has a significant range of international experts affiliated to our team who can quote for work on cases in Albania, Romania, Moldova, Nigeria, Somalia, Morocco, India and Nepal.  Trauma Psychologists, Legal advisers, a former Attorney General, and former Director of a National Counter Trafficking Protection Unit compose much of the cohort.  Each with robust NGO, IGO and Academic research backgrounds,  if you have a particular international requirement for your clients, then please do not hesitate to be in touch with our office for rates, full supporting CVs and Expert recommendations. 

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