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Dr Carrie Pemberton Ford is an established Expert Witness for Criminal Court work pertaining to County Lines, Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking cases.  She is also available for reporting for Tier 1 administered by HM Courts & Tribunals Service, through to the Upper  Tribunal on Immigration and Asylum Chamber.

Court ready reports, can be realised with rapid turn-round when required and diaries permit. Carrie  undertakes a substantial volume of LAA funded cases each year with Criminal, Asylum, as well as some Family Court and Child Protection cases (particularly in relation to FGM related concerns) constituting the bulk of work undertaken.

Dr Pemberton Ford is particularly skilled in relation to the victimology surrounding  Human Trafficking for criminalisation. She is an internationally recognised applied academic, working in the counter-trafficking field for the last 20 years.

  •  High quality, fully referenced, focussed report, delivered electronically 
  • On line interview with your client,  establishing the context for a culturally informed and grounded report
  • Clear and prompt communication with commissioning solicitors
  • Clarity in court, assisting an expanded field of vision for  Judges, Juries, Counsels and Solicitors


  Dr Pemberton Ford is an absolutely first class expert witness who combines an encyclopaedic knowledge of all aspects of human trafficking and modern slavery with outstanding credentials that brook no argument and a remarkable ability, no doubt born out of her years as an academic and tutor, to explain the complex concepts of her field and make them and their application to the case approachable to a lay jury. I had the great pleasure of working alongside the Revd Dr Pemberton-Ford in our successful deployment of the s.45 Modern Slavery Act 2015 defence for a young man charged with serious crimes. Both her expert report and her performance in the witness box were excellent.  A first choice expert witness in cases involving the modern slavery defence, I hope to have the opportunity to work with her again in the future.

Tamasin Graham,  Barrister, Lambs Building Chambers UK

After being trafficked into the UK and living without status for almost eight years, our client was finally granted asylum. I have no doubt that this was in part due to your excellent trafficking report, which constituted essential new evidence in her fresh claim. We are very grateful for your hard work and time in conducting research and writing this report. You have been very understanding and passionate about our client’s case form the start.

Duncan Lewis Solicitors  UK

IbixInsight has a significant range of international experts affiliated to our team who can quote for work on cases in Albania, Romania, Moldova, Nigeria,  Morocco, India and Nepal.  Trauma Psychologists, Legal advisers, a former Attorney General (Edo State, Nigeria), and former Director of a National Counter Trafficking Protection Unit (NAPTIP) compose some of the expert  cohort.  If you have a particular international requirement for your clients, then please do not hesitate to be in touch with our office for rates, full supporting CVs and Expert recommendations.
Dr Pemberton Ford is a Recommended Expert for the Global Advisory Experts

Reports undertaken across the following portfolio of requests

County Lines
Cannabis farms/factories
Asylum Tribunal  Tiers 1 and 3
Protected Characteristics
Cultural Translation
Modern Day Slavery
Human Trafficking
Section 45 defence
Vulnerabilities in groomed criminalisation
Domestic Servitude
Trafficking for Sexual Exploitation
Juju and other forms of cultural coercion


 For further information on Dr Pemberton Ford’s expertise please access www.ccarht.org for a list of her work on trafficking and modern slavery in the annual CCARHT symposium  www.ccarht.org/symposium and a list of her trafficking related publications.

Please be in touch for a copy of her latest court ready CV and rates card for LAA funded work.

Dr Pemberton Ford has most recently contributed a section on the challenges of the NRM, the Single Competent Authority, and the role of the Expert Witness in Trafficking for Criminalisation in the forthcoming Palgrave Handbook on Modern Slavery (2024) ed. M.Kapardis

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