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Our team of professional consultants and facilitators, can deliver both on site, or a range of online trainings for your business or organisation across the portfolio of our expertise, for CPD, onboarding, and bespoke training. We look forward to hearing about your professional development requirements and seeing how our team and resources can assist you going forward.

On-line trainings delivered during 2020 – COVID 19

  • Renewing the African Mind-Set (Nigeria /UK)– Surrogacy and Women’s Empowerment?
  • Renewing the African Mind Set – Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery
  • Renewing the African Mind Set – Tackling the Scourge of Sexual Violence – RAPE
  • IJM Webinar on the Entitlement of the Minimum Wage as a fundamental right (India) 11th July 2020
  • “Anti Human Trafficking” School of Law, Satyabhama Institute of Science and Technology (Deemed to be University) India 20,000+ attendees.
  • The bottom line of Human Trafficking in contemporary business practices. Judge Business School University of Cambridge UK
  • Seminar on Technology and Human Trafficking – Gender aspects of concern – CCARHT and University of Nicosia 2k participation
  • Convened and Chaired week-long International Symposium on line (WebEx) 83 Panellists, 17 countries represented, on the Sustainable Development Goals – 37 hours of web delivered training and discussion. June 2020.

Convened and Chaired two-day Master-Class on zoom – Socratic style training on Human Trafficking and Psychology, Criminology and Sociology. Emerging scholars papers inter-alia on the  impacts of trauma, and the challenges of sexual exploitation, the vulnerability of the LGBTQi communities to trafficking recruitment, and the complexities surrounding effective inter-disciplinary partnerships.

Lecturer on Women’s Empowerment and Gender Equality

  • Romanian American University,  
  • University of Palermo,
  • IJM  Berlin conference on Women’s abuse within the Sex Industry,
  • International World Mission,
  • SAFE conference Chicago 2019,
  • University of Cambridge (various courses and special seminars)
  • International Justice Mission,
  • CCARHT Summer Symposium,
  • University of Edinburgh,
  • University of St Andrews,
  • University of Uppsala,
  • University of Roehampton,
  • University of Birmingham,
  • Diocese of Europe Safeguarding training workshop.

National Policing Senior Assessment Centres, UK College of Policing 2004 to date.

Developed the cultural matrix for a diversity tool deployed in the Women in Australian Resource Extraction (WARE) network, supporting a RAG monitoring system to explore the impact of gender relations on the desertification and deterioration of mining communities in Australia.  2017

4-month comprehensive senior audit and recommendations for transformative practice in Gender Mainstreaming for the Commonwealth Secretariat and UK Senior Fraud Office.

African Development Bank – Week-long Regional Gender Adviser training and Strategic planning for change management programme under new Director.  Abidjan Cote d’Ivoire.

Guided mentees (yearlong accompanying) from UN Women offices through Executive Coaching Programme 2016 -2018

Annual Fellowship with UNITAR, mentoring training in Gender Mainstreaming incorporation and Women’s Empowerment programming.

Chair, Senior Lecturer and Course construction for the Gender and Strategic Change programme for the International Centre for Parliamentary Studies London – Embassy staff, IGOs, NGOs, Government Civil Servants (International cohorts – (Chartered Management Institute) 2014 -2018  www.parlicentre.org


Trainer/ Lecturer for the International Peace and Development centre in Switzerland Summer School on Strategies for Mediation and Conflict Reduction.

Trainer for University of Luxembourg Gender and Diversity champions across department heads.

Lecturer and Trainer for University of Palermo Summer School on Human Rights, Democracy and Migration – the role of Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment in the arena of Migration.

Trainer and Lecturer on Women’s Empowerment in the light of GBV and FGM (Centre for Policy Studies Nottinghamshire Constabulary, and the Women’s National Commission Blair Government)

Facilitated consultation with International Monetary Fund senior team on Gender transformation strategies with the Margaret Anstee Centre Newnham College University of Cambridge.

Training for Cambridgeshire Constabulary – diversity in recruitment and progression

Women’s National Commissioner (UK Government) responsible for BAME recruitment into positions of public office and progression.  Chair of Gender Based Violence and Counter Trafficking Committee.

UK Policing Trained Trainer of Trainers – Power Wheel, Coercive Control and Domestic Abuse for front line responders.

Guest Lecturer at Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Foundation, Berlin,  on Women’s Empowerment to address Gender Based Violence and Sexual Abuse in Human Trafficking offences.


Supports emerging female talent progression through programmed empowerment interventions and one to one support as an executive coach (see Cambridge-Executive-Coach.com)