The Team

We have on team second-language communication specialists, psychologists, and legal advisors to work alongside your team to develop with you the messages which you want your customer base to hear.

Dr Carrie Pemberton

Dr Pemberton is a recognised expert in migration issues, particularly in the field of cimmunication and information gathering. Carrie has a long history in the management of diversity issues in business, community and detained environments, including the environments of Hospitals, Prisons and Immigration Detention Centres. Carrie had led a range of longitudinal studies in migrant needs for Cambridgeshire Constabulary, and managed the provisioning of the United Kingdom Human Trafficking Centre with IbixTranslate enhanced MP3s to enhance counter traffiking inititaives across the United Kingdom in 2006. Now leading on the development of IbixTranslate as a translation tool for any smart working and smart thinking organisation wanting to ensure diversity at all levels of their operational chain, Carrie will be the initial lead for the research, mapping, focus group analysis and script development of the IbixTranslate solution for your organisation.

Jane Martin

Jane Martin has substantial experience as a lawyer in over seventeen years of practice in Government departments. She develops scripts with assistance from the wide range of associates which are available to the Ibix team and key members of your organisation. Jane is particularly alert to areas of risk sensitivity and preparedness. During the drafting of scripts for IbixTranslate products Jane will ensure that they are compliant with law and practice and appropriately risk managed for the client. Jane works closely with clients to ensure their organizational processes are properly understood and deployed in the day to day practice of front line workers.

Noreen Tehrani

Noreen is a chartered occupational, counseling and health psychologist with a special interest in psychological trauma, violence and rehabilitation. She has published a number of papers, articles and books on psychological trauma, compassion fatigue and caring for victims of disasters.

Noreen has worked with victims of the Manchester Bomb, Road Crashes, the Paddington and Potters Bar rail crashes, Tsunami and victims of the 9/11, Bali and 7/7 terrorist attacks. She has also supported victims of a wide range of other traumatic incidents including murders, rapes, fatal accidents, bullying and road crashes.

Noreen has worked with IbixTranslate on the development of bespoke scripts for clients over the last 2 years and is an expert in the field of the constrained concentration and understanding of people under stress. She is an invaluable part of the team and its ability to deliver scripts which are comprehensible to clients in high stress situations.

Noreen chaired the British Psychological Society a working party on trauma debriefing and currently is serving on a BPS working party dealing with trauma, crisis and disasters. Noreen's latest book Workplace Trauma - concepts, assessment and intervention is published by Brunner-Routledge.

Other Experts

IbixTranslate has access to senior members of the Research Centre for English and Applied Linguistics, University of Cambridge to advise the Ibix team on the areas of linguistic challenge which pertain to any script writing translated from a second language into the primary language of the listener. Their advice has been invaluable on a number of the high profile contracts which Ibix Insight has carried out - including a survey of communication issues for the Constabularies of the Eastern Region, and in the preparation of the victim support iPods for the United Kingdom Human Trafficking Centre.