Case History

In 2006 IbixTranslate developed the first set of reassurance messages for survivors of trafficking for sexual exploitation. This unique and groundbreaking application of the revolution in portability, flexibility and digitally captured sound quality available on pda, ipod, mp3 or mobile phone technology was created by Ibix Insight as a response to the operational furnace of Operation Pentameter. This was a police led operation which required the immediate intervention of reassurance messages for victims of the appalling abuse of Sex Trafficking at point of apprehension. The flexibility of the IbixTranslate solution, with a range of languages available at the click of a button on iPod or PDA, with vital information at the finger tips of front-line officers to give in appropriate languages for those to whom they were interviewing has had a powerful impact on the quality of victim care now available in this area of British policing .

Since 2006 over 500 mp3 players loaded with reassurance messages have been distributed across the police forces of the UK, and a significant number of raids have had the support of the IbixTranslate package available to assist police in their enquiries and to calm worried and bewildered witnesses and potential victims of trafficking.

Operations such as Pentameter 2 and our own Operation Radium have been successful in tackling sex-trafficking offences, however one of the key challenges has been securing the confidence of the victims during our initial interactions. Police officers were often hampered from helping victims because of problematic initial communication and facilities such as IbixTranslate provide a great solution to help overcome the language barrier. By reassuring victims from the outset we can ensure that they are properly supported and can secure the information we need from them to tackle these crimes'.

Chief Constable Julie Spence Cambridgeshire Constabulary 2008

In spring 2008 IbixTranslate was invited to present its innovative work to the United Nations Global Initiative to Fight Trafficking, and in June 2008 Ibix Translate was made available to a wider constituency of clients with the adoption by Ibix Insight of a dedicated team to help develop this important and ground breaking work. For your organisation to be a part of this transformation of information exchange and empowerment in an age of super-diversity please contact us to discuss your requirements and aspirations.