As part of the service which Ibix Translate provides we offer a bespoke set of training for front line personnel using our mp3 and phone based solutions, as well as training for those whose task it is to maintain the web-side support for surveys on the deployment of the equipment and sound files, and keep your sound files up dated and fit for service. 

Wider training needs are carried out with Ibix Insight in the requirements of Diversity and  Human Rights Legislation where appropriate. With the training arm of Ibix Insight there are a range of training and organisational learning techniques which can be deployed, including one to one coaching, whole system engagement, on line e learning, as well as more traditional methods of seminar and powerpoint learning.

Do be in contact with us to discuss your Training needs for your organisation.

Do contact us if we can assist you at any level to develop these four principles of creating a more cohesive future for your authority, either through our research work in Ibix Insight or through the work of IbixTranslate which enhances your ability to communicate to all of your citizens. Contact us for more details about our work in this sector.