Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can the Ibix Translate solution sit on any phone or mp3 system?

Answer: Yes, as long as there is the capability to play sound files on your system there is a capability for the most simple form of speech recorded files to be uploaded onto the individual unit's memory or to be downloaded through the internet from the server.

Question: Is there a limit to the languages which you offer?

Answer: No. The question for your organisation or business is - which are the priority languages for us to be covering?  Cover the priority languages first and additional languages can be prepared and downloaded later.

Question: How is the Ibix Translate package paid for?

Answer: Every solution is different - but the work undertaken in building the solution and setting up your organisation to be able to deliver the translate package seamlessly through its outward facing services comes as a one-time charge to your business. Ongoing fees only apply where upgrades are required for changing circumstances and systems requirements.