Developing your migrant customer orientation

Ibix Translate works closely with our sister company IbixInsight to develop bespoke analysis of your customers’ needs. Our range of surveying tools include on line surveys, face to face interviews, focus groups and whole organisational reach mapping. Even if in the end you decide to stay with your current provision of linguistic support whether this is provided through phone support, internal bilingual resources or static literature provision – involving Ibix Translate to review your current provision and its ability to respond to your current customers’ or prospective customers’ needs, is your first step in enhancing your organisation’s understanding of and ability to maximise its response to the multilingual and multicultural milieux in which we are all now set.

Each piece of bespoke research is accompanied with a full report for your management and a managed communication plan for your wider organisation and its customer base. Strategic planning and organisational change is also offered through Ibix Insight, as our findings bring to light areas for improvement and transformation.

Contact us today for an informal conversation on your needs to understand your international customer base here in the UK. Looking forward to your call. It is a process which can only lead to improved performance and customer satisfaction – the classic win-win.