Customer Centred

It's a saying as old as business itself that the 'customer is always right'. But what happens when the customers can neither make themselves understood, or understand what services or goods you are offering them. Customer centred focus for either Public Services or Private Enterprise is of critical importance in developing either Public Service delivery 'fit for purpose', or a business which can benefit from the new diversity of potential purchasers presented in our migrant populations. This is where IbixTranslate delivers a solution which is as powerful as it is cost-effective. By focussing on customer needs in the designated languages which are profiled by our initial customer mapping exercise, IbixTranslate enables you to place full information at the disposal of your clients or customers winning their interest, trust and attention ahead of your competitors, or diverting any unnecessary friction or trouble in locations where confusion or frustration can arise.

One of your critical needs is to understand what your customers think about your products and services. That is why, here at Ibix Insight, we are committed to the provision of tools which enable communication, both in information sharing and in commentary on services provided. IbixTranslate is committed to continuous development and enhancement of any organisation with which we engage. We realise that you need to understand and to respond efficiently to the requirements of your international customer base. With all applications of IbixTranslate we offer the provision of an online questionnaire to inform our clients about the take up and benefits of the translation package which we have developed. This questionnaire provides an important means of feed-back and learning for your organisation from your operational staff and the customers with whom they are using the IbixTranslate product as you take care of your improved communication with your international customers. Welcome to the solution finder for your translation and information sharing challenges in a multilingual country. Our innovative solution IbixTranslate is a highly economical and innovative answer to contemporary challenges for fit for service communications in our complex and multilingual setting. IbixTranslate, is designed to cut the costs of information sharing and service delivery for all organisations whether in the public or private sector. It is for those committed to delivering citizen and customer focussed services to their clients in an increasingly challenging environment.