Bespoke translation

Each of our customer's needs and contexts are different. When we work with your organisation or company you receive specific attention from our team to develop the best information sharing strategy which we can generate working alongside key employees in your business. This is a process which normally takes a few weeks to develop in order that the end recordings are really fit for your purposes and have the necessary resilience and flexibility for your organisations communication needs. Our project for you would generally have the following components as an essential part of its delivery:

  • 1 Mapping - On site work.
  • 2 Off Site analysis.
  • 3 On site visit with initial focus groups.
  • 4 Development of first draft of Scripts - On and offsite work.
  • 5 Initial trialling of scripts and reworking.
  • 6 In house translation work.
  • 7 Development of interactive visual prompts and information sheets.
  • 8 Presentation to senior management board.
  • 9 Final re working of scripts for final recording.
  • 10 Recording for final podcast or mp3 upload capability.
  • 11 Uploading and packaging of mp3 devices.
  • 12 Establishment of Server space and private domain for uploads and updates.
  • 13 On-line questionnaire development.
  • 14 Embedding the new technology into your organisation.
  • 15 Publicising your new capability with other partner agencies.

Product Features

IbixTranslate is:

  • 1 Versatile for a vast range of interactions.
  • 2 Reassuring for the customer.
  • 3 Contemporary.
  • 4 Time-saving.
  • 5 Economical - an affordable and recyclable solution for your business.
  • 6 Multilingual - you designate the languages used.
  • 7 Flexible.
  • 8 Simple to operate.
  • 9 Multi-agency - different agencies information can be downloaded from one site bringing a range of services immediately to the customer with no hassle or fuss
  • 10 Tailored for your agency or organisation.
  • 11 Innovative.
  • 12 Understood internationally.
  • 13 Ecological - no more wasted boxes of undistributed translated material.