IBIX Translate MP3s

IBIXTranslate provides your organisation with a contemporary and highly flexible solution to providing smart communication with your international customer and client base. With files downloadable from our secure server responding to a multitude of different circumstances developed with key partners IbixTranslate offers for the modern organisations.

  • A language solution which can be downloaded on any number of audio and wireless based devices from the humble mp3 to the latest technological triumph in the mighty PDA - maximising flexibility and portability of multilingual communication and information sharing for your organisation and operatives
  • Updateable audio files for the purpose of keeping information contemporaneous with changing knowledge and operational procedures
  • Immediate audio transmission of information in a contempory and aspirational form
  • A re-useable form of information sharing which fits in the pocket is robust and replaceable
  • A library of languages to deploy at the click of a button
  • A cutting edge resource for those who need to inform in a resiliant and replicable format
  • An interactive first line form of support for busy staff in the midst of their operational duties
  • A potential life-saver due to its rapid deployment
  • A time and cost saving resource for a myriad of purposes. Whether you are seeking to train your migrant employees in health and safety, induct a new detained person in the cycle of a detention centre, reassure a frightened victim of a road traffic incident, or enable the best use of translators through the provision of pre-interview information sharing IbixTranslate is the answer your organisation has been looking for.
  • Unlike paper brochures or expensive bilingual personnel IbixTranslate offers you a means of information sharing which can be listened to not only at the users own pace but also can be repeated again and again and again at no extra cost to the provider.