Public Policy

We have entered into a period of unprecedented activity by Government at all levels to understand the issues surrounding diversity, equality of access to services, migration and its impacts on local, regional and national polities and procedures, and of providing public services genuinely fit for service.

Ibix Translate offers a smart way to respond to much of the new policies which are being developed by National Government, including that of responding to the exigencies of economics, alongside the importance of welcome, inclusion and service delivery to those who are currently 'blocked' by their language. The Scottish Executive has led the way in establishing a 'Happy to Translate' logo, which enables service users to establish where they can find services to enable smooth communication and understanding where a customer or client would otherwise be impeded by not having a good comprehension of English.

Ibix Translate applauds such initiatives, alongside offering a smart solution to a potentially exceeding costly problem: how to enable comprehension at the earliest stages of a transaction when an interpreter is simply not available, in organisations where these resources are few, and where outsourcing becomes prohibitively expensive. We can ease the way for your organisation to be one of those Happy to Communicate with translated resources audibly downloaded or available through u tube downloads. 

Translation: The cost of social cohesion?

In December 2006 the National Newspapers screamed out in amazement at the £100 million spent on Translation services within the public sector.  A debate ensued on the importance of giving far greater priority to promoting social cohesion and shared values rather than supporting separateness - implied by the budgetary impact of Translation. The Communities Minister at the time Phil Woolas announced that 'we are examining the issue of translation in this context.'  No subsequent policies have been announced on this most critical of issues - meanwhile the importance of communication and understanding between populations within the UK and beyond remain critical for future economic regeneration, our current social cohesion and equality in service delivery.