The last decade has ushered in a time of unprecedented change in the development of equality of access to public services and in their delivery. Attention to the requirements of diversity focuses all of our attention to ensuring that the needs of those whose first language is not English have access to information and the full range of public services available to first language speakers.

IbixTranslate offers an easily accessible, updateable and efficient solution to the challenge of diversity. Not only those whose native language is not English benefit from the IbixTranslate intervention. Those whose sight is impaired, those whose literacy skills are not highly developed and those who would benefit from information to hand when they require it and not when staff become available, IbixTranslate offers a powerful response to their requirements and the ability of your organisation to deliver in a timely and economical manner.

Ibix Insight the parent company of IbixTranslate has over 6 years of experience in mapping diversity and delivering targeted training into organisations and businesses in need of reframing their focus to include the important new markets for employers and customers alike which attention to diversity affords. Be in touch with us today to fit out your organisation with a toolkit which will suit your business and help you to keep in touch with today's fast changing world.