Detention Centres and Prisons

Within the estate of immigration and prison there are a vast range of languages which cannot be met through live interpreters in the 24 hour context of reception, day to day management and departures which are run within the detention estate. The need for excellence in understanding to assure that the maximum co-operation of those detained is achieved, and the ability for those working within the estate to communicate and understand the needs of those detained is paramount.

Currently in the detention estate there are over one hundred languages present as first languages, and yet frequently the translation material which is available can be less than a dozen.

Fines can be imposed by the Government on the provider if there is a failure in briefing or knowledge transfer or an inadequate response to the wishes of those in detention care.

Failure to establish customer compliance and co-operation at an early stage in procedures can lead to alienation from the organisation during the ongoing processes of detention. Establishing a sense of hospitality, care and ongoing ability to be supported and communicated at the point of reception profoundly changes the terms of engagement and long term integration of the individual. An empowered individual with a proper understanding of the procedures unfolding around her/him is critical for obtaining co-operation. We all have a right to know what is happening to us, and IbixTranslate offers a way through to enhancing that knowledge and how to access more information and personal control on their lives and welfare for all of those inside the detention estate.

On induction into a the centre whether a prison or detained environment a person who does not understand English can be given a mp3 player which has pre-loaded considered messages in their own language about the centre and what will be imminently happening to them. The messages are those which can be generically developed for the specific requirements of the centre, and are designed to be very specific about the details of activities and processes through which someone in a profound state of confusion; disorientation and shock are about to enter into.

Downloads will be available to up-date- messages which take account of changed of circumstances, organisational procedures and national legislation where appropriate. Where only specific sections need to be edited and updated this is a highly economical way to deal with the fast pace of change in all public sector delivery of services, and saves on the inbuilt redundancy and wastage of paper translation.

For details of the IbixTranslate solutions for prisons, escort and detention services please contact us for a free booklet written for your service.