Employment Sevices

There are at present appoximately 600,000 migrant workers in the UK although these statistics are fluctuating during the present financial setbacks generated in the Autumn of 2008. Many businesses which are now thriving on a 24 hour seven day a week shift pattern, would fold overnight without migrant labour being available to source their need for additional labour. Many migrant employees speak sufficient English to navigate the processes of obtaining work and managing the induction into their new work place.

However, many will have English insufficient to communicate their needs and particular skills to employment agencies and employers, or to be properly inducted into Health and Safety processes. It is a matter of the highest priority that employers have full confidence that their induction processes and training has been understood. IbixTranslate can provide bespoke messages of communication in the first language of your employee tailored to your business requirement, buildings, processes and health and safety concerns. These messages can be kept up to date with commissioned download in a cost effective and simple manner. They can be repeated time and time and again on and off premises. Downloads can be made available for employees on their own mp3 players, or as sound files on their mobile phones.

Risk management no longer has to rely on dog-eared out of date and expensive leaflets. The messages directly relate to your work environment and can include basic English lessons in important words and statements for your staff to understand in English. Similarly training can be delivered to your English speaking employees in key languages which are now part of the work floor or neighbourhood environment. IbixTranslate is the flexible solution you have been looking for to break through the communication gap which language differences have opened up on the shop and management floor. IbixTranslate loaded devices when used by Gangmasters and Employment agencies are a sign to the Gangmaster Licensing Authority that you take the welfare of your staff seriously ensuring they understand their rights and how they will be employed. Paperwork can be completed with confidence and quickly. Good workers will seek you out for employment. For more details for employers please contact us.